Chiana McInelly

My name is Chiana McInelly, and I am so excited to be your IQHYA Vice President this year! I am a 17 year old Junior at Coeur d’Alene High School. My horse’s name is JD, or BCM Legendary Asset, and we have been partners in crime for about five years now.

JD’s favorite thing to do would probably be to meet new friends. He really is a social butterfly and has about five different girlfriends who he moons over. My horse also enjoys eating and sleeping, you know, your normal gelding stuff.

I have been showing since I was about eight years old, but this will only be my third season showing AQHA. I got into horses through my older sister, who showed in 4-H when I was growing up, and I spent my first horse years doing dressage, 4-H, and a little jumping. As I have moved on to quarter horse stuff, I now show in showmanship, horsemanship, trail, western pleasure and halter. Out of these classes, my favorite is trail. I enjoy trail the most because it provides a new challenge each show, and is more unbiased in the judging. I really appreciate the feeling of coming out a pattern clean! I am also getting more into horsemanship this year, though it is still pretty new to me. I love to push JD and I out of our comfort zones and try new things!

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