iQha alumni

IQHA has a rich tradition, inherited from the past, handed over from one generation to another. Through our traditions we strengthen bonds and make memories. So, it is through our ancestors we inherit our attitudes, values, habits, and beliefs—all around the love of a horse steeped in rich history—the American Quarter Horse.

If you are a former member of the IQHA family, over the age of seventy and no longer active, we invite you to join the IQHA Alumni Association.

Please contact us today:

– To receive your IQHA Lifetime Member card as our gift to you.

– To recognize you on our website ( as an IQHA alumnus.

– To share your story on the IQHA Facebook.

– To inform you of IQHA events, social gatherings, and celebrations.

Ed McNelis, IQHA Alumni Director
(208) 867-7124

iQha alumni

Darlene Chase – Lewiston
Cliff Kellmer – Post Falls
Marilyn Farley – Nampa
Jackie Sprenger – Lewiston
Ed McNelis – Nampa
Claudia Halden – Nampa
Pat Dresen – Middleton
Theresa Allen – New Plymouth