Idaho Quarter Horse Association (IQHA & IQHYA)

 Show and Contest Rules & Points System

IQHA welcomes you to our 2024 Show and Contest year!

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We hope that your show is a success!

  1. All IQHA approved shows must adhere to AQHA and IQHA show rules and regulations.
  2. Show participants must be current members of Idaho Quarter Horse Assoc. (IQHA) and American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).
  3. Show management will inspect the AQHA membership card or a photocopy of the card. You may purchase AQHA, AQHYA IQHA & IQHYA memberships, permits or competition cards at the show office.
  4. All individual shows entries and procedures are set by the show management of that particular approved show. Exhibitors are expected to be familiar with each show’s published rules.
  5. A photocopy of the horse registration papers must be presented with all entry forms.
  6. The exhibitor is responsible for all errors on all entry forms and resulting AQHA fines from such errors or omissions.
  7. A current IQHA membership list will be supplied to the show secretaries prior to the show date.
  8. There will be a $35 collection fee added for any check returned to IQHA by a bank.

Show Approvals:

  1. Show approval requests must be completed and returned to IQHA no later than 120 days prior to the requested show dates. A list of classes should be attached.
  2. Any organization may request IQHA approval. These requests must meet all IQHA approval standards and will be considered on an individual basis by the Board of Directors & the Show & Contest Committee. The Show & Contest Committee will have 15 days from receipt of request to review and notify the applicant of status. Notification of approval or denial must be sent to applicant via writing, either in printed letter or email.
  3. An approval fee of $1.00 per class per entry for all IQHA approved class’s needs to be sent to IQHA within ten (10) days of the last day of the show. This payment must be accompanied by a complete set of class results, class sheets and from “Horse Show Windows” reference the report “Info for Publication”. Please include all classes 10 and under and lead line classes. These fees shall be held in reserve for the purchase of year-end awards. Failure to pay these fees could result in cancelation of future show approvals.
  4. An approved show for the upcoming year does not roll over from year to year. All show dates that have been approved are considered fulfilled 10 days after the shows are completed and the proper documents are received by the proper entity with IQHA.
  5. Shows approved by IQHA will be considered independently on a show by show basis by the Show & Contest Committee and Board of Directors.
  1. Special Events are to adhere to the above listed “Show Approval” rules along with the following:
  2. Special Event applicants must communicate with other participants of a multiple event, to make sure that everyone is compliant with the Special Event Show Rules required by IQHA.
  3. A recommendation to the Event participants is to form a committee with a member of each leg of the Event representing their interests and to communicate with their organization for approval of all decisions the Event Committee has discussed.
  4. All advertizing, media correspondence and premiums must be approved by the entire Event Committee prior to being posted to any or all media outlets.
  5. All awards must be discussed and approved by the Event Committee prior to being ordered and advertised.
  6. Cohesive participation is utmost to these Events and the integrity of all concerned.
  1. Before accruing year-end award points, the following participants must be in good standing with IQHA and AQHA and must have a current IQHA/AQHA membership card to be eligible for yearend awards: trainers, horse owners, exhibitors, youth, amateur, select, novice amateurs and open riders. Where appropriate, each exhibitor must also hold appropriate AQHA competition division card or permit.
  2. Only points earned in IQHA approved shows and classes will count for year – end awards. An annual nomination form, copy of registration papers, and fee of $10.00 per horse must be received by the membership director before points will begin accruing. In the event of the name of the exhibitor on a show results differs from the name appearing on the IQHA membership card, no points will be earned for that class.
  3. Horse owner/and or lessee, as specified on the registration papers, must be a member in good standing of IQHA and AQHA. Horses registered in partnership, ranch or corporation, must have an IQHA membership in exactly that same name. Membership fees must be paid before any earned points will be accrued.
  4. IQHA shall use the official IQHA Point System for year-end awards with points counting one point for each horse in class and the AQHA points earned. Points chart is included with these rules.
  5. Points in the Amateur, Novice Amateur, and Rookie and Walk/Trot divisions will be awarded on a one horse, one exhibitor basis. An Amateur, Novice Amateur, Rookie and Walk/Trot may win more than one award in one class if they exhibited more than one horse in that class.
  6. Points will be accrued from November 1 through October 31 of each year. Any show held after October 31 will be counted for the following year’s awards.
  7. Exhibitors or owners with outstanding debts owed to any division or the association will not be entitled to year-end awards. Awards and future memberships will be withheld until such debts are paid in full. No points will be accrued until financial obligations have been corrected, points will not be retroactively accrued during this time.
  8. Results of shows and IQHA standings will be published in our official publication and/or our official website at
  9. To qualify for an award, a horse must be shown in at least one IQHA approved show held within the boundaries of the state of Idaho. The horse must earn a minimum number of ten (10) IQHA points or must have been shown under at least one more judge than the total number of judges offered at the largest approved IQHA show circuit.

    Example: if the largest IQHA approved circuit offers four judges, then the minimum number of shows needed to qualify for year-end awards will be five (5).

  10. Points from 100% of the shows will be counted.
  11. If a horse showing in open halter or performance classes is sold during the show season, the new owner has fourteen (14) days from the recorded date of sale to become a member of IQHA for the points to continue accruing. In the event the new owner does not become a member, the current points will be considered for year-end awards and no additional points will be added.
  12. Unless an agreement to the contrary is placed on file with the Executive Secretary of IQHA, any award will be made to the owner or lessee, whichever might apply, on record with AQHA as of the last day of the show season.
  13. Awards will be made to first and second in each class offered in five or more approved shows.

If entries and funds are sufficient the following categories may be awarded: 

  • Third place awards in each class will be awarded only when sufficient funds are available
  • Open Junior All-Around and Reserve Junior All-Around
  • Open Senior All-Around and Reserve Senior All-Around
  • Amateur All-Around and Reserve Amateur All-Around
  • Amateur Select All-Around and Reserve Amateur Select All-Around
  • Novice Amateur All-Around and Reserve Novice Amateur All-Around*
  • Rookie Amateur All-Around and Reserve Rookie Amateur All-Around
  • Walk/Trot All-Around and Reserve
  • Youth All-Around and Reserve Youth All-Around
  • Novice Youth All-Around and Novice Youth Reserve All-Around
  • Rookie Youth All Around and Rookie Youth Reserve All-Around

To be eligible for the above awards, the horse or exhibitor must earn a minimum of ten (10) IQHA points in each of three categories. Novice Amateur, Rookie and Walk/Trot exhibitors must earn ten (10) IQHA points in two categories

  •  All categories shall be as defined in the current AQHA rulebook.
  • Awards are based on a one horse, one exhibitor basis.
  • All points earning classes will be counted.
  • Exhibitor must hold appropriate AQHA and IQHA membership cards.
  1. High Point Halter: Open division only. This award will given to the Mare, Stallion and Gelding with the highest number of halter points.
  2. Breeder of the Year: Award based on total points earned in all approved classes except any class judged on the exhibitor rather than the horse (showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equation, etc) . The breeder must be a member of IQHA and a resident of the State of Idaho. Points will be accumulated from date of receipt by the IQHA membership director of the breeder’s IQHA membership. Only points from AQHA approved classes in IQHA approved shows will count. Owners and exhibitors of horses whose points are to be counted must be members of IQHA prior to points accruing. No reserve will be awarded. **
  3. Idaho Bred: Horses must have been bred by an Idaho resident, as shown on registration papers and the current owner must be a member in good standing of IQHA. No reserve will be awarded. This award will be give to the Idaho bred horse with the greatest number of points in any one class. Youth points, Amateur points or Open points all count separately toward this award and cannot be combined. **
  4. Sire of the Year: This award will be given to the owner of the sire whose get have earned the most points in IQHA shows, or have the greatest number of get showing in IQHA shows . Sire owners must be a member in good standing of IQHA and AQHA. In addition the owner of the horse whose points are to be counted toward this award must be members of IQHA. No reserve award will awarded. **

** Special considerations for these awards may be made by the Show and Contest Committee. Special considerations may include: number of get exhibited across the state, number of high-point classes get are exhibited in, world show placing, etc. 

1 point for each horse in class plus AQHA points earned to 20 and beyond

IQHA Points